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Great advice for any Virgos or people with Virgo strong in their chart from a Virgo writer ~

Great advice for any Virgos or people with Virgo strong in their chart from a Virgo writer ~

almafarolito said: Hi i am a Leo sun (august 2 1994) moon in Gemini, rising in Pisces,mars in Gemini, and Virgo in Venus. I am wondering my love and compatibility with other signs in 2014. Any advice would be appreciated. :)

Hi there :) To start off , when it comes to compatibility it’s important that you feel a connection or love for someone regardless of what’s compatible in your astrological charts. Love is the most important element in compatibility ;) 

That being said compatibility with Sun signs, Moon signs, Mars signs or Venus signs are usually the most important elements to look at astrologically when it comes to love compatibility. Basically anybody with one of those planets in the same element that you have will probably be somewhat of a good match. So anybody with a fire Sun sign ( or Aquarius since that is Leo’s sister sign)  , an air Moon sign , an air Mars sign or an earth Venus sign would probably be somewhat of a good match for you.  

Now to break I’m gonna break it down a bit and explain how the different planet compatibility’s work. 

-When people have Sun signs in the same element or are sister Sun signs they usually do get along, but the relationship could end up being anything from super romantic to casual or platonic. 

- When people have Moon signs in the same element they usually can really understand each other emotionally, so if you are looking for someone to really understand you emotionally, Moon sign compatibility can be great 

- When people have Mars signs in the same element they usually are really sexually compatible

- When people have Venus signs in the same element they usually are romantically and sexually compatible 

Hope this helps you ! xoxo

Anonymous said: I had a fight with a Scorpio. actually we've had several fights for months. Nearly every time we interact there is an argument. Probably because I'm Aries. Anyway now they don't want to talk at all since all we do is fight. I don't want to lose the friendship, but I know distance is best for now. However I'm worried that this will lead to us never talking again, so I have to patch things up. Trying to talk again too soon though will make things worse. What should I do?

Hi there. Well after waiting a little while , if you really want to remain friends with this Scorpio I would just be really honest and say that you want to stay friends and that you would like to make a pact to not fight anymore. Honesty is really important to a Scorpio, so just be really honest and sincere and try to agree not to fight anymore and hopefully all will go well or at least better than before. It’s also important that you guys listen to each other when the other is upset about something and try to work things out without fighting. 

Hope all goes well for you and your friend xoxo

New Moon in Virgo: Self Improvement, Re-Organization and that Unattainable Thing Called Perfection

On Monday there will be a New Moon in Virgo! If you have any planets in Virgo than this Moon will probably affect you pretty strongly. This Moon will make us take a look at our lives to see if there is anything that could be improved or re- organized. Also a big thing that may come up could be perfection. If you’ve been too hard on yourself, it’s time to let those ideals of perfection go so you can get unstuck and gain more happiness and satisfaction out of your life. Check out the full article to learn more~

                   Image © Lilly Moon